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Medium-sized insurance company actuary

"I have been working in the insurance sector for almost 12 years since I graduated and, after having worked with a large number of consulting firms, auditing and software development companies, I consider that the work that you are developing is the best that I have found because of the following reasons:

  • Effort, dedication and delivery.
  • Involvement and seriousness with the customer.
  • Fast response providing solutions and a great commitment. "
Partner of a consulting firm and responsible for the service they offer with INvSIGHT

“Describing in a few words the 'power and capacity of INvSIGHT as a tool for managing and valuating investment portfolios' is more complicated for me than learning how to use and operate them.

INvSIGHT stands out for the flexibility of its design, which allows the user to obtain an easy and almost instantaneous answer to any question regarding the economic, administrative or valuation management of their investment portfolios, and without requiring the intervention of computer experts.

Although personally I consider the most remarkable aspect is the excellent team of Soluciones Holísticas, permanently willing to provide help and collaboration to their customers, including the economic problems that lie behind the application.”

General manager of a small mutuality

“Holísticas came to solve the problems of registration, valuation, accounting and monitoring of the investment portfolio of our insurance entity.

Having a versatile tool adaptable to the needs of our institution, and having immediate access to a highly professional team with the ability to solve incidents and giving advice on our doubts, has allowed us to enjoy a great tranquility and security in this very relevant area to insurance companies.”

Financial director of a medium-sized insurance company

“We are users of the INvSIGHT Compact application for more than 5 years. It's certain that at the beginning, as with any new application that is acquired, you walk a somewhat clueless until you fully understand its operation. But in truth we must recognize that it's a quite intuitive application and very, very, but very flexible, in the sense that it allows you to design it practically in your way and way of working, especially in the way it appears to information, unlike other applications that are much more rigid.

But the most important thing for us is the support given by the Soluciones Holísticas team when it comes to solve the different problems and doubts that arise in the daily use of the tool.”

Investment director of a medium-sized insurance company

“There are several qualities of INvSIGHT that I particularly appreciate for the management of my company's asset portfolio.

It is a management platform that allows me, among other things, given the possibilities of projecting flows that it incorporates, to simplify and optimize the budgetary planning of my portfolios.

It has allowed me to flexibilize and expand the access to all the information in my portfolio, while at the same time providing the reliability of a tool that allows to discriminate access to information by users.

Additionally, it has simplified the recording of financial information due to its excellent accounting interface and the direct preparation of statistical-accounting information in the format required by the DGSFP (Spain).

It also allows to develop customized functions that adapt the information to the characteristics of the management of each firm.”