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Two particularly interesting articles in The Economist of 08/25/2018

28/08/2018 11:50 by The Soluciones Holísticas Team

In The Economist's issue of 08/25/2018 there are two articles of special interest.

The first deals with the enormous importance of clarifying the previous assumptions when defining an investment portfolio.

The second, perhaps more important, regarding intangible risk insurance, which considers how the insurance business is increasingly related to intangible assets rather than to tangible assets, just as the value of "intangible assets" is increasing its importance of a very significant, it is estimated, we indicate only by way of example, that 84% of the value of the companies of the S & P 500 is due to intangible assets, while in 1975 it was only 17%.

The article considers the difficulties of insuring this type of goods, of their increasing importance, of the specific risks associated with them, of cyber risk .....

It is an aspect of the insurance business that will undoubtedly be increasingly relevant.

We encourage you to read it to those who have not read it yet.

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