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Investment in Risk Capital under the insurance regulation

07/01/2019 10:00 by The Soluciones Holísticas Team

Revista CR 2018/04Article published in the october/december of 2018 issue of the "Revista Española de Capital Riesgo":

Authors: Tomás Filoso (EBN Capital, SGIIC), Miguel Ángel Sánchez-Rico & José Martínez (Soluciones Holísticas para Internet)

Abstract: The article reviews the Solvency II regulations and their impacton capital consumption in insurance companies that maintaininvestments in venture capital vehicles. Its main conclusions are:

The neutrality of the regulation has advanced considerably inrelation to investment typologies, issuers, sectors and similars inthe absence of maximum limits. The impact is equal to similarinvestments. There are certain types of investments that areespecially favored by the regulations and that are reviewed in thearticle. The regulation has a certain complexity.

Keywords: Solvency II, type 2, look through,long term, strategic, infrastructure, penalization.

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