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A bank and an insurance company in your pocket

07/05/2019 10:00 by The Soluciones Holísticas Team

In the weekly edition of The Economist of May 4 there is an article in Leaders and a Survey that we consider of great interest, because both bring light on what banking, financial services and insurance will look like in the next few years in Spain, by revealing the evolution in Asia and in some countries of Europe. New approaches to facilitate and extend the operations for clients, both individuals and companies are shown.

The article "Tech's Raids on the banks" and the survey entitled "A bank in your pocket" show what services and ways of operating are being offered, with what business models, what technologies are being used. The response of the supervisors of certain countries is commented. Also the complete and very quick transformation of certain banks to adapt to the coming times is exposed. Finally the last article of the survey considers the near future that the previous aspects will make possible.

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